Saturday, August 6, 2011

wham bam, thank you can!

crossing off 2 items on my summer bucket list  
#14 & #3

i recruited my sister and her 5 kiddos to help me find random blackberry bushes and start pickin
which is a rather easy task; finding them, as they grow wild around here!

we made 3 stops all with in half a mile 
the first 2 were a bit hard to get to most of the berries, but the 3rd stop we were able to park in a church parking lot and walk right up to a massive area. 

blackberries are a bit of a pain in the rump to pick, hello thorns!
but thankfully we made it out with only minor pricks!

after picking and the kids stealing all my water :) we headed back to my sisters to start canning.

does anyone else think it's just wrong that public schools don't offer home economics anymore?!
as i've been learning these new task i've been getting more frustrated with the fact i didn't learn them in school years ago! *end rant* at least i'll be able to pass this all onto cadence now! *ok, really ending rant now*

i was really surprised how easy it was to make jam.

run the jars through the dishwasher, soak the berries, pick through them, mash them, add sugar, boil lids in separate pot, bring berries to a boil, and pectin, pour into a jar, put the lid and ring on and flip them upside down!

wham bam, thank you can!

(notice the not even half full one, we ran out of jam... so it was our sample jar!)

after making 2 batches my sister threw together a cobbler

we are normally a peach cobbler family, but this was mighty yummy!
in a few days i plan on making another run to the berry patch so i can make tristan a cobbler when he gets home.

sewing, embroidery, and canning all in one week!

my lil honeybee comes home on sunday, so happy about this! can't wait to start knocking out some bucket list items with her by my side! 


  1. You're awesome! My mom always said jam was easier than jelly because you didn't have to strain out the seeds. Grandma H. always made jelly.

  2. yeah, it seemed like a whole lot more work and like you'd get way less. good thing we prefer to have seeds in our blackberry jam! :)