Monday, August 1, 2011

cowboys and indians

we squeezed a whole weekends worth of stuff into one long saturday.
tristan had to hit the road early sunday to start his trek to denver

i'm a big fan of farmers markets
even when it's over 90 degrees, now my husband... he's not a fan of doing much of anything in that kind of heat.
but like the awesome luff he is, he walked up and down the booths with me while sweating our bums off.

i bought kale for the first time, i tried to act like i new what i was doing. like i was some sort of leafy expert.
i'm pretty sure they could see right through my lack of knowledge though.
(keep an eye out for a kale chip post, coming soon)

our farmers market is downtown by all the cute shops so after getting our goods we headed to some awesome antique shops.

we drooled our way through 2 huge shops.

and then headed to the bluestone bakery for lunch

their quiche is amazing! honestly the best i've ever had!

after lunch we made a pit stop at home to drop off the farmers market bounty, give the puppy a potty break, and pick up some of tristan's toys.

next stop was the shooting rang.

my parents, my brother inlaw, a family friend, and 2 of their sons came with us

 (my dad)

 see the middle hole, yep, that is mine! 

after spending a few hours there we went to dinner with my parents and then headed back to the house to get things ready for tristan's early take off. 
we  also cruzed around down town a bit on the way to pick up tristan's groceries for the week.
there was a huge 50's car show going on with a jerry lee lewis and elvis impersonator.   

already missing my luff :(

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