Sunday, August 7, 2011

1,2,3,4 i declare a thumb war

my day...
1. our kitty, little foot, caught a blue jay midair and then proceeded to eat it.
2. my lil honeybee came home! longest. 9. days. ever.! they didn't even have her out of the car before i was out the front door to cover her in kisses!
3. we did a little crafting, cause that's just what we do
4. went to my sister's for dinner with 2 other families.
5. watched soul surfer (i really liked it, and may or may not have cried a few times during it)
6. i now have 7 kiddos sleeping in my front room.

meeting cadence's ES (education specialist) tomorrow. pretty excited about that. we will be going over the expectations we have for the school year and the curriculum we will be using. 

tristan's ac went out in his truck this afternoon, so he's been stuck at a texas truck stop with little help to escape the heat wave.... this has been a very long week, on top of the ac going out his frig blew a fuse a couple of days ago and all his food went bad, and his power steering pump went out. praying he gets to come home soon and start fresh. i know this week has been really hard on him. he's heading to utah in the morning, hopefully it's cooler there! 
missing him is an understatement! 

i better hit the hay, i'm pretty sure the 4 year old in my front room does not sleep in. :) cadence on the other hand, she's like her mama and can sleep till 10 easily! 


  1. what's an education specialist? as least in terms of your situation (you're still homeschooling, i think?)? i know different states have different requirements as far as homeschooling so i was wondering if this is part of what's necessary for where you live.

  2. we are going through a charter school. ES is just what they call the teachers. so her ES will come to our home once a week and work with her and then once a week she'll go to an "on site" class which is called kindersmart.