Thursday, August 4, 2011


i've been trying to stay as busy as possible this week. not really allowing myself to focus on the fact cadence is in CA and tristan has been in colorado, wyoming, and now texas where he will probably run out of driving hours and will have to spend the weekend.
i miss them both like crazy and when i'm not busy i tend to whimper and mope 
so after my sewing lesson my mom and i ran down to a local fabric store to get all the goodies to embroider
i got the idea to start embroidering when we were packing up my parents and i found this....

i tried to talk my mom into giving it to me, but she happens to like it's awesomeness as well and would not part with it. come to find out someone made it for my parents as a wedding gift in 1977. 
and since she wont part with it, i'll just have to learn and make my own! :)

i decided to start off with a puppy on a tea towel

isn't that just the cutest little puppy, has a cutesy vintage look...and who doesn't love vintage these days?!
i took to it rather fast, but i've only tried 3 types of stitches.
turns out there's about a zillion different ones though.

i think from start to finish with some long breaks for things like garage selling, church, sleep, and time with the matz and vondos i think it took around 4 hours to stitch together.

up next are some burp cloths for a friend's baby and a pillow case for cadence. 

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