Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the last 2...

i've been in a state testing blur the last 2 months...
while i enjoyed being out of the house and working at the charter school my daughter is schooled through...i'm glad to be back to my stay at home mama / housewife status. 

i found it pretty difficult to keep house, care for the bunnies (have i blogged about those yet?) school cadence, and work full time. but we made it through and today, my first day back as captain mama, has been spent deep cleaning, doing tons of laundry, making kale chips, cleaning the kitchen, making homemade pizza rolls, and going through old mail/papers... or in others words.... making up for everything i lacked while working :)

i shall not stop till everything smells like pine-sol. haha!

but i will be back as i have a bunch of exciting (or exciting to me) stuff to post about. :)