Wednesday, December 22, 2010

week 9

i'm 9 weeks in on my weight watcher journey. i've lost 23lbs 4oz, which is just over 2 pound per week. 
i've survived thanksgiving and we are now heading into christmas in a few short days.

i've been really enjoying my journey so far. i'm learning to cook healthier and i've learned i can push myself in working out harder then i ever thought.

i have an awesome support system. i have 3 of my very close friends and my mom doing the program with me.

right now we are getting ourselves ready for a 5k run! i would have never thought i'd be running a 5k!

here's some of the yummy things i've been cooking


11 points+

6 points

10.5 points

12 points

5 points for 1/5

5 points

nothing beats working out and getting the reward of seeing how many calories i've burned

thankful to finally be ready to go on this journey

Friday, December 17, 2010

7 days till christmas

this month has flown by, i can't believe there are only 7 days till christmas
we've been keeping busy with holiday festivities
baking cookies, looking at christmas lights, putting up decorations and trees 

pleasant hill tree lighting

first santa is from pleasant hill tree lighting, second is from looking at christmas lights, one of the houses have it all set up to take pictures with santa for $10. we got our free though (score!)

we stopped on the way home from oregon (thanksgiving) and bought a real tree from a boy scout group.
we decided to decorate it and keep it on our front porch

this is her nightlight tree

our friend whitney had a cookie making/decorating party

here's cadence's cookies

every year we go look at christmas lights

our friends the mcgowen's came with us to a few houses

Merry Christmas from our family to yours <3

Thursday, December 16, 2010

goodnight, moon

we've started a new bedtime routine with cadence.
it was so easy to make the transition, now i'm wondering why i didn't do this a year ago! ha!

cadence has always co-slept with me, and i do not regret co-sleeping with my child. in fact i'm a big supporter of co-sleeping and family beds but i made the mistake of letting her stay up till i was ready for bed. so often she was staying up to 11 or even midnight. 
another mistake i made was i gave her a crutch, when i did finally get her in bed i'd put on cartoons or a movie for her. this made overnight trips a pain in the rump!

we set a bed time, 9pm
at 9 we all pile on the bed and we take turns reading cadence a story. after the story cadence gets to pick the praying order, lately it's been tristan, her, me. after prayer is hugs and kisses then it's lights out (besides her night light, which has been a little fiber-optic christmas tree)

the first few nights she would cry after a while so tristan would go in and comfort her. it melted my heart the second night when i snuck down the hallway to see tristan rocking her <3

once a week we take a trip to the library to get the books to read each night

this routine is working for us, and i love it. it gives us some child free time each night to just unwind. it's also given us some balance and structure. 


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

is it too late to blog about thanksgiving???

with out realizing it (at first) i took a blogging break
i didn't even realize till tristan made a comment that i had nothing new for him to read
thanksgiving knocked on my door and i've been whirling around in holiday mode since

we holidayed in oregon at my sister's
have i ever mentioned how much i love oregon?
i'd move there in a heart beat, but certain things hold us back, maybe one day?

this trip was probably one of my favorites
not only did we get amazing thanksgiving food, we were surrounded by good christan families, we all sang hymns, had prayer, did lots of walking, dreaming of moving, and tristan let Jesus into his life! (this girl, is one proud lady)
that weekend, my life changed. (as did tristan's)

my heart is over flowing, and words really can't express