Wednesday, December 22, 2010

week 9

i'm 9 weeks in on my weight watcher journey. i've lost 23lbs 4oz, which is just over 2 pound per week. 
i've survived thanksgiving and we are now heading into christmas in a few short days.

i've been really enjoying my journey so far. i'm learning to cook healthier and i've learned i can push myself in working out harder then i ever thought.

i have an awesome support system. i have 3 of my very close friends and my mom doing the program with me.

right now we are getting ourselves ready for a 5k run! i would have never thought i'd be running a 5k!

here's some of the yummy things i've been cooking


11 points+

6 points

10.5 points

12 points

5 points for 1/5

5 points

nothing beats working out and getting the reward of seeing how many calories i've burned

thankful to finally be ready to go on this journey

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