Sunday, February 13, 2011

poor subaru

things have been rather crazy around our house. i had surgery on the 14, started a new job the following tuesday, and last friday we were in a car accident, a guy pulled out of a parking lot and ran right into us as we were driving straight down a main road. our poor subaru!
we were headed to church for our first pre-marriage counseling. 
i was really surprised how well tristan and i both handled ourselves. 
the guy did not show any kind of sympathy or even say sorry, and the next day we figured out why...
he lied to the insurance company and said we hit him!
his damage compared to ours....  not sure how he thought he'd get away with lying.
we both ended up having the same insurance, and they did in fact find him 100% at fault.
i couldn't even wrap my mind around the fact he could lie about something so plain as day, but i guess fear will make people do things. 
tristan's shoulder was injured during the wreck. so we are waiting to see how things turn out with that. he's waiting for an appointment with a specialist. he's also off work, which is not not helping with finances...but we are both staying faithful and know God will provide. 

having each other through trials makes them easier to handle