Thursday, January 27, 2011

hello mr. sun

just a fast check in, because i have to get ready for work. 
the days are starting to get warmer which means park dates with friends
cadence and i both love park dates, she gets a chance to run and be wild with her lil friends and i get a chance to unwind and be with my girls and let off steam.
it seems our schedules are a lot busier this year then last, with cubbies, bowling, work, church, cadence's schooling, and some days mixed in where cadence spends time with her dad.  

speaking of cadence's schooling. we are now doing school work at least 3 times a week. certain parts she loves, like playing on starfall or watching her new letter factory movie. others not so much, like tracing letters over and over, but we try to keep things fun. it's really been a test on my patience, but i do love it. 

on the job front... i had an awesome job fall in my lap pretty much. i'm working for a scrapbook/crafting store. well not sure if you call it a store. it's all ran online. but i work where all the products are and i get to see so many cute little pretties! i could spend my whole paycheck on this stuff! i already have plans for some crafting! 

the wedding seems so far yet so close, we still have so much to do. 
each day my love for tristan grows. it's funny when you find your self loving silly things like the smell of their pillow or love packing their lunches and washing their laundry. 
i can just stare at him and my heart gets gushy. 
he's so beautiful to me <3

another update soon <3

Saturday, January 22, 2011

bridal shower

yesterday was my bridal shower
my sister and mom did so much to put this thing together for me. it was so nice and my best friends all chipped in to help as well.
i felt so blessed and loved

my luff dropping me off
(he took the boys in my family out to dinner and ice cream during the shower)

the theme was 50's housewife. kelli won best dressed!

phoenix made the cupcakes, super cute in little jars!
they were very yummy!

they did a pounding for us

some of tristan's favorite items where in the pounding...

tapatio & monsters :)

we were blessed with so many wonderful items! <3

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the house is fastly filling up with beautiful summer gerber daisy's and mason jars 

wedding plans are coming together so nicely, i want to share so bad, but i've pinky promised myself to keep my lips sealed and let everyone be surprised on the big day (there are a few spoilers on my facebook wall, *hint hint*) 
on friday my sister, mom, and a few of my best friends are throwing me a bridal shower, we're having it a bit early because my maid of honor (my sis) lives in oregon and she can't miss it! 
her and my mom have been busy little bees whipping up beautiful decorations
really makes me see how blessed i am, that my family and friends are pulling together to celebrate this journey.
talk about being blessed, half the time i look at tristan and i can't believe he's going to be my husband in just over 4 months. it's been amazing to see this all unfold and all the changing Jesus has done in both of us.

(tattoo= Jesus in ancient Hebrew)


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

set the date

Wedding Countdown Ticker

&& hearts

feeling so blessed
thank you Lord for all that you have given me
2010 was a very profitable year for me, and i don't mean money wise.