Thursday, January 27, 2011

hello mr. sun

just a fast check in, because i have to get ready for work. 
the days are starting to get warmer which means park dates with friends
cadence and i both love park dates, she gets a chance to run and be wild with her lil friends and i get a chance to unwind and be with my girls and let off steam.
it seems our schedules are a lot busier this year then last, with cubbies, bowling, work, church, cadence's schooling, and some days mixed in where cadence spends time with her dad.  

speaking of cadence's schooling. we are now doing school work at least 3 times a week. certain parts she loves, like playing on starfall or watching her new letter factory movie. others not so much, like tracing letters over and over, but we try to keep things fun. it's really been a test on my patience, but i do love it. 

on the job front... i had an awesome job fall in my lap pretty much. i'm working for a scrapbook/crafting store. well not sure if you call it a store. it's all ran online. but i work where all the products are and i get to see so many cute little pretties! i could spend my whole paycheck on this stuff! i already have plans for some crafting! 

the wedding seems so far yet so close, we still have so much to do. 
each day my love for tristan grows. it's funny when you find your self loving silly things like the smell of their pillow or love packing their lunches and washing their laundry. 
i can just stare at him and my heart gets gushy. 
he's so beautiful to me <3

another update soon <3

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