Sunday, October 31, 2010

goodbye october

 bringing november in with true fashion... *sneeze* *cough*  sick :(

i did not allow the sickies to win halloween though.
we took cadence over to see her dad and his uncle and grandpa. they all live together, so that makes it easy.
next stop was the church cadence attends cubbies at
my parents are also members of this church and each year they have a harvest fair and the christan motorcycle association that my parents are members of as well run the security....

even though it tends to be way crowded cadence still had a blast and even ran into some of her cubbie friends and her teacher

after the fair we took cadence over to see her grandpa jim and grandma denise (jake's dad and step-mom)
(cadence and her aunt ashley)

she really enjoyed her visit
before heading home we let her trick or treat at a few houses in their neighborhood 

it was just our lil family out together this year
cadence has spent every halloween with her friends, but this year they were sick themselves and opted to stay close to home

now that halloween is officially over it's time to get into thanksgiving and november birthdays mode

up next in crafts, our "i'm thankful for..." wall

dia de los muertos

our halloween fun started last night with a party at one of my best friend's houses
so many cute lil costumes running around
princesses, penguin, alices, spiderman, thomas the trains.....

the kids all enjoyed bobbing for apples

my pretty lil alice. the first apple she got by the stem, and while pulling it out of the water the stem broke and splashed her :) but she's a trooper and went back in for another! 

tristan and i did make-up for dia de los muertos (day of the dead)

i even got my super cute bow last night from my good friend steph
check out her bow facebook page:

the fun continues tonight..... 

date with my luff

after spending 4 date nights in a row going to the movies we decided to change it up this friday.
we headed off to dinner, something easy; chili' it's somewhere i can calculate my weight watcher points
12.5 point and it was very yummy

after dinner we headed to target to shop around, mostly looking, but we did end up getting a few shirts for tristan and an owl umbrella, that he insisted i have, because he knows my love for those cute lil things. (and a big plus it was on sale! *score*)
perfect timing for an umbrella
when we left the store it started raining <3

after target we headed to big 5 to look around and tristan got me a calorie counter i've been wanting. it's pretty neat, it tells you the calories you burn while working out.
(even though i'm sick i couldn't wait to get up in the morning and work out to see how it works)
sickie 20 min work out, burned 308 calories (saturday morning)

we ended the night with a trip to yogurtland
and a drive to the martinez water front to enjoy the rain

have i mentioned how much i love him? this man, treats me and my daughter so well. 
thanking God for blessing us with him

Friday, October 29, 2010

parents night

two cubbies ago was parent night
tristan and i got to sit in the class and see the flow of the night ...
it melted my heart

(praying for snack)

i love the interaction she is getting there
and the little friendships she's building

she loves it and and that makes me happy

cold toes and warm blankets

<3 tea <3

Sunday, October 24, 2010

giraffes bite

yesterday my little tartcakes was bit by a giraffe
ok, well not really. she jumped on him.
a trip to the e.r. 
probably the best e.r. experience ever. in and out under an hour.
no stitches because it was her foot, but the way she screamed i'm sure everyone in the hospital thought they were doing stitches with out her being numbed. (just like mama at her age)

numbed, glued, steri striped

she's been crawling most of the day, and don't even think abut touching it to check it, she'll flip.

love her
and love tristan for being there with us through it. he held both our hands.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

pumpkin seeds

we've been enjoying a lot of october fun... pumpkins, crafts, movies, family trips
the weather has been teasing us though, cool mornings and nights... even one day of rain, but the sun is not giving up easily and still sits smiling down on us.

the one day of rain we had danced all over our annual pumpkin patch plans
so we decided to go out to breakfast after church,  marie callender's it was. and they had a very yummy buffet with mimosa...2 small glasses and i was all laughs. i do not drink much normally, so the small amount was enough for me.
after a nap we decided to buy store pumpkins an have a carving night at a friends house

love this picture, she was not expecting all the "yucky stuff" to be in there

luff muffins
and of course i had to make a luff muffin pumpkin 

cadence wanted her pumpkin to match tristans 

we rescheduled our pumpkin patch trip to monday and went to a new place this year 
it did not have as much to offer, but it was  free and the kids still had a blast!

she looks so tall here. my babe is growing up too fast :(

and just because i don't want to type up another post today....
cadence is going to be alice for halloween...

i've been a bad blogger. we've been so busy running around having fun that i haven't kept up here.

we took a trip to monterey with friends

visited the aquarium, which we now have a membership to. 
looking forward to many trips back

auggie, cadence, and libby

cadence loves penguins <3 this ones name was rob

after spending the day at  the aquarium we took a trip to the beach
it was pretty dark and foggy
but we loved it