Friday, October 1, 2010

yummy brown rice

rice has always scared me, making it, that is. i was raised using a rice cooker and until this year i had never made it on the stove top. i had also never been successful in making a good batch of brown rice till a dear friend of mine (who cooks amazingly) made me a dinner that included the best brown rice i'd ever eaten and i took notes on how he made it. i made it 3 days ago and i've eaten it for 2 dinners and will probably eat it again with tonights dinner.

i started with 100% whole grain brown rice
2 cups of BR
i rinsed under cool water for about a minute and set to the side

chopped up one big carrots (just washed off, not pealed) 
chopped half a white onion (just what i had, a yellow or even a red would have worked)
chopped 1 big celery sick

i combined all chopped items in a pot with a little olive oil and cooked them till the onions where see through 
i then added 4 cups salt free chicken broth and set to boil

when all was boiling i added my rinsed brown rice and let it boil for about a minute
i gave it a few good stirs to make sure everything was mixed up

i turned the heat down to a simmer and put a lid on the pot and set the timer for 40minutes

when the timer went off i put a spoon in the rice and moved a little to the side to see if there was any broth left, there was so i cooked it a bit longer till all broth was gone. i believe i checked with a spoon  3 times. 

you can add as much chopped veggies as you want, next batch i think i'll use more and even add in peas.

next task is to get my daughter to eat it. not that she will eat white rice either though. 


  1. Yum-totally gonna try this! I love brown rice and we use it exclusively but with the veggies would add some nutrition for the boys!

    Love your blog by the way~

  2. through my sister i've learn to shred carrots & zucchini and put in almost everything! meatloaf, shepard pie, taco meat, spaghetti...etc... it stretches the food and adds in loads of nutrition.

    and thanks <3...i think its a new obsession. lol

  3. I just added shredded zuchinni to my spaghetti last night! I agree-add veggies to everything!