Sunday, October 31, 2010

date with my luff

after spending 4 date nights in a row going to the movies we decided to change it up this friday.
we headed off to dinner, something easy; chili' it's somewhere i can calculate my weight watcher points
12.5 point and it was very yummy

after dinner we headed to target to shop around, mostly looking, but we did end up getting a few shirts for tristan and an owl umbrella, that he insisted i have, because he knows my love for those cute lil things. (and a big plus it was on sale! *score*)
perfect timing for an umbrella
when we left the store it started raining <3

after target we headed to big 5 to look around and tristan got me a calorie counter i've been wanting. it's pretty neat, it tells you the calories you burn while working out.
(even though i'm sick i couldn't wait to get up in the morning and work out to see how it works)
sickie 20 min work out, burned 308 calories (saturday morning)

we ended the night with a trip to yogurtland
and a drive to the martinez water front to enjoy the rain

have i mentioned how much i love him? this man, treats me and my daughter so well. 
thanking God for blessing us with him

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