Sunday, October 31, 2010

goodbye october

 bringing november in with true fashion... *sneeze* *cough*  sick :(

i did not allow the sickies to win halloween though.
we took cadence over to see her dad and his uncle and grandpa. they all live together, so that makes it easy.
next stop was the church cadence attends cubbies at
my parents are also members of this church and each year they have a harvest fair and the christan motorcycle association that my parents are members of as well run the security....

even though it tends to be way crowded cadence still had a blast and even ran into some of her cubbie friends and her teacher

after the fair we took cadence over to see her grandpa jim and grandma denise (jake's dad and step-mom)
(cadence and her aunt ashley)

she really enjoyed her visit
before heading home we let her trick or treat at a few houses in their neighborhood 

it was just our lil family out together this year
cadence has spent every halloween with her friends, but this year they were sick themselves and opted to stay close to home

now that halloween is officially over it's time to get into thanksgiving and november birthdays mode

up next in crafts, our "i'm thankful for..." wall

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