Wednesday, November 3, 2010

did you vote?

after a little reading this morning i headed out to the polls and voiced my opinion....

i'm waiting till morning to really look into the results.

i'm not really sure i believe in our voting system, it seems no matter what the out come is there is always a chance to have it over turned anyways. it's a flawed system, but i'm still going to exercise my freedom and fill in the bubbles of my choice. i was in and out with in 10mins (i took my cheat sheet in with me)

afterwards, tristan and i got lunch and took it down to the waterfront and had a little picnic
look at my luff <3 he's so cute :)
we spent the rest of the day looking at used cars. 

i'm still feeling very under the weather. my head cold seems to have gone to my chest now and the coughing has started, which in return makes my head hurt. *whimper*
tristans is about 96% better and thank God cadence has not shown any signs of being sick.

i think it's time to take our tired bones (as cadence would say) to bed

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