Wednesday, December 15, 2010

is it too late to blog about thanksgiving???

with out realizing it (at first) i took a blogging break
i didn't even realize till tristan made a comment that i had nothing new for him to read
thanksgiving knocked on my door and i've been whirling around in holiday mode since

we holidayed in oregon at my sister's
have i ever mentioned how much i love oregon?
i'd move there in a heart beat, but certain things hold us back, maybe one day?

this trip was probably one of my favorites
not only did we get amazing thanksgiving food, we were surrounded by good christan families, we all sang hymns, had prayer, did lots of walking, dreaming of moving, and tristan let Jesus into his life! (this girl, is one proud lady)
that weekend, my life changed. (as did tristan's)

my heart is over flowing, and words really can't express

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