Friday, August 5, 2011

{truth} part 3

{sixteen} whenever i use a public restroom i have to tear off at least 8 inches of the toilet paper and throw it away, because you just never know who touched it before you. 

{seventeen} when we first moved to oregon i hated hymns and the church we go to up here sings them, but 3 months later i like them!

{eighteen} i really like birds, owls, and old vintage things.

{nineteen} since my husband has been driving OTR (over the road) i have a hard time sleeping, i normally dont even try to fall asleep till 2am. 

{twenty} i love reading, but i often get way too attached to the story and get sad when the book is over.

{twenty one} sorry if i sound like a broken record: i'm super thankful for tristan. that man is awesome. he bust his tookus and gives up so much to support his family. he doesn't get to go out and play all day long or even enjoy his hobbies because he's out there in the world being a real man and sacrificing his wants to care for us.

{twenty two} back to that hymn thing, my heart  melts when i hear cadence and/or tristan singing in church.

{twenty three} as if my readers didn't know, i'm a  horrible speller. i'm constantly pulling up google to check my spelling. (one plus is i earn a lot of swagbucks because of it!)

{twenty four} i'm the baby of my family, number 3 or 3. and i got away with a lot growing up because of this :)

{twenty five} to add to my lame factor i totally watch jersey shore, but what's even better ,is when he can,  tristan watches it with me!

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