Friday, July 29, 2011

{truth} part 2

{eight} i have a major obsession with reusable bottles, tumblers, kanteens, etc. i can not walk by that section in a store with out stopping.

{nine} i'm scared of praying mantis...they look so unpredictable. *shudder*

{ten} i love laying in the grass, to star gaze, to nap, to picnic, to relax.

{eleven} i love red lip stick, but hardly wear it anymore... (i'd rather kiss my husband, and i'm sure he doesn't care to wear red lipstick along with me! lol)

{twelve}  i have super naturally curly hair, and i've hated it my whole life until this year. i'm now "embracing" my curls

{thirteen} i tend to floss at least 3 times a day.  

{fourteen} i really want to raise laying chickens.... so far it has not been an option 

{fifteen} i love old cowboy music


  1. You SHOULD be afraid of praying mantises (manti..whatever). I wanted to be an entomologist for most of my childhood, until I was attacked by one ( flew up in my hair). I quickly changed my mind.

  2. i've had 2 runs ins with them in the last 2 days. i got some pretty weird looks at the gas station when i screeched because one of them were on my windshield whipper. they are soooo creepy!