Thursday, July 21, 2011

a stroll through the shops, take 1.

there's just something magical about our little town...
each way you turn you can see beautiful tree filled mountains
a big beautiful river runs right down the middle
and we have this downtown area that can instantly send you back a few years...

down surrounded by antique shops we have this little jewel
after our first visit i learned that tristan's grandpa use to be a soda jerk
which apparently was a highly coveted job.

for .50 cents you can enjoy a phosphate soda
they have the cutest little mixtures, gummy bear, hula girl, dirty monkey, creamsicle (which is what cadence filled her little belly with)....

they offer ice cream, candy, and lunch as well.
we opted for soda and lunch (followed by a bit of candy)
.25 got the kids each 2 pieces of candy and a bazooka gum... we enjoyed sharing they little funnies on the inside of the bazooka.

we then headed down to another little jewel

hello .50 ice cream!

i must say their cheddar and jalapeno popcorn make the perfect mix!

can't wait to explore some more of the awesome little shops our town offers
keep an eye out for take 2 in the near future.

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  1. I love a good old fashioned downtown! Sounds amazing.