Friday, July 1, 2011

duck, duck, goose!

july 2011, what, no way?! 
how can this year be flying by so fast? 
my lil honey bee will be 5 in 1 month and 1 day. 
starting kindergarten this fall, say what?!
it does make it a little easier that she will be homeschooled through a charter school, but still doesn't seem like she should be old enough to call herself a kindergartner! 

my lil baby

(my first true love, my lil honey bee)

after running a few errands this morning cadence made the request we eat lunch at the park
so, we did just that.
we even had lunch guests

 they swarmed us! from every direction.
so we shared our tacos. did you know geese eat tomatoes?! i didn't know either, but yep they sure do. they weren't much for lettuce though.

after our lunch party we headed over to the play area that cadence calls the tractor park

this park is pretty awesome. tons of wide open grass area with big beautiful trees,
the river, and a big playground.... and let's not forget our already mentioned lunch guests.

the weather was perfect, high 70's low 80's

even with the mild temp cadence made sure to take a lot of "water breaks." ever since her coach at the homeschool P.E. group warned them about staying hydrated she's made sure to share that coaches instructions with everyone willing to listen and to be a good lil girl and follow his instructions. 

i love sharing days like these with her.

yes, i do little girl. always and forever <3

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