Monday, July 11, 2011

picnic baskets

i love that my husband is so easy going. i can randomly say, we are going on a picnic today and he'll be ok with it. he hardly ever shoots down my ideas, except all my attempts to get him to go on a bike ride with me, i guess after being in a truck for 5 days and throwing around 100 pound tarps a boy would be tired. but i will get him to cave to a beautiful summer bike ride one of these days! :)


after being away from each other most of the week, laying in the grass under a big redwood tree enjoying the cool breeze together seemed perfect. and let me tell you, it was!

we cheated a bit and filled our picnic basket with pre-made yummies

(note: we weren't as big of fans of "joy juice" as we thought we would be... the bottle was cute though)

we laid in the shade for a good 2 hours
it was so cozy on our quilt in our lil shady spot

*heart gush*

i'm thinking we'll make many trips back to this spot through out summer

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