Friday, July 8, 2011

july 4th

behind in the blogging department.
so, instead of letting it get even further behind i'm throwing about 3 different posts together hitting the mix button and pouring it out.

like most american's our 4th of july weekend was all about bbqs, the ocean, family, fireworks, and of course giving thanks to those who fought for our freedom.

we started off the weekend a tish early, june 30th was my hubby's 37th birthday

i had a great time exploring a little english shop in our downtown area, looking for english candy for my welsh birthday boy. i also got him some english meat pies that would work perfectly in the travel stove i got him for his truck.  (another birthday gift he was surprised with, it plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet ) my mom and i picked up bangers and wrapped bangers to fix him for dinner.

the first time i've ever cooked bangers and mash.

needless to say between him and my dad that meal had no left overs.

on saturday we headed to the oregon coast and had a nice picnic on the beach

even with the freezing water i went swimming! after a while you pretty much go numb and you can't feel it.

tristan didn't listen to me, and no sunscreen = a burned luff!
(which by the way has already turned into a sweet tan!)

after the beach we made way to get the kiddos ice cream

sunday we headed to church followed with potluck.
i made enchilada, which were devoured! 

monday we started the day bright and early at 6am to finish cooking for the 
8am flag raising and potluck brunch.

i made 2 yummy bacon and chorizo quiches

after we got the luff his finale birthday gift, a family membership to the shooting range.
boy did he ever smile!

on the way home for some naps we stopped to pick up a few small fireworks

we rounded up the day with the evening at my sisters.
we bbqed

then had fun with sparklers,  piccolo petes, and a little turtle firework

hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend!

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