Friday, June 24, 2011


{one} i'm really bad about leaving bobby pins all over the house. then i can never find them when i need them

{two} i have a tenancy to watch lame shows..example, teen mom, the real housewives of new jersey, jersey shore 

{three} i was uneducated when i was pregnant with my honey bee. i let them induce me and after 19 hours i ended up in a c-section. ever since i have this feeling of being jipped that i didn't get to push my daughter into this world. if God ever blesses tristan and i with a baby, i want to try for a natural vbac

{four}i have a slight obsession with bags (purses, totes, reuseables, market bags...etc...)

{five} tristan and i have started praying that God would bless us with a baby

{six} i have the talent to paint, but fear keeps me from painting. i'll just sit and stare at a canvas in fear that i'll mess up 

{seven} one of my favorite smells is coconut

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