Tuesday, June 28, 2011

if i believed in luck, i'd still have to agree it must be God

tristan's been hauling loads that make for perfect. in the last week and a half he's been able to stop at home for the night 3 times. i mean perfect to the T....fitting with his log hours and run time. so the week doesn't seem so long with these little gifts in-between weekends. last night after a nice homemade mexican supper with my parents and sister's family we took a lil family date to get yogurt. 

now we being recently retired californians we know our froyo, and we love our froyo so when the first lil froyo shop popped up in our new town we were excited. 

(daddy tristan's, mama's, and lil honey bee's)

it was a little different then us born californias are use to, but it was still yummy. 
though we will miss our favorite, plan tart, and have to save that love for trips back to the bay. 

it was so nice to get out and enjoy ourselves as a family. 
with tristan being gone mostly during the week and our weekends have been filled with busy trips to CA we haven't enjoyed much family time. 

it was raining at 5am when i had to drive tristan back to his truck, which he only has to park 2 blocks away from our house. 
but now the sun is out and it made for some perfect shots of the lil miss

now onto laundry, and hopefully papa's truck will be pulling up later this evening! 

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