Thursday, June 23, 2011

summer 2011 bucket list

summer has finally decided to grace us with it's presence 
i must say that so far the heat here in oregon has been nicer to me then it use to be in california
we've been staying in the mid to upper 80's which i'll take over high 90's low 100's! 

i'm looking forward to all that summer 2011 has to offer my lil family.

summer 2011 bucket list~

1. VBS for lil miss (this is almost ready to cross off, just a few days left)
2. family camping trip
3. learn to can! and can a bunch of yummy things! (i'm going to make my sister do this with me)
4. take a nice long drive to explore oregon with my luff. 
5. family bike ride
6. cut cadence's hair (she's been wanting me to cut is short again, but i've been putting it off per other family members request)  
7. learn to sew! (make reusable snack/sandwich bags...and i'd also like to make reusable pads
8. lay in the sun and read this present darkness
9. take lil miss swimming as much a possible 
10. have a night getaway with just me and the husband
11. many trips to the beach 
12. take cadence to the park to fly kites
13. lay in the grass and watch the clouds roll by with my lil honey bee
14. go berry picking (maybe can those berries too!)
15. get mama and daughter pedicures together with my lil miss
16.  have cadence call mema every week to help cheer her up!
17. sidewalk chalk (nuff said)
18. girls camp out in the backyard 
19. bike ride to the park for a picnic with family
20. blow bubbles down by the river
21. have a pj dance party (cadence is an awesome dance party partner!)
22. two words- tie dye (oh yes!)
23. stargazing by the river with my luff
24. go on a bug hunt with cadence
25. help cadence with a lemonade stand
26. family pillow fight!
27. make smores in the backyard 
28. blog at least once a week! (thinking weekly summer recaps)
29. hiking
30. random roadtrip
31. picnic with my luff muffin
32. learn how to embroider 

(bbq with cousins)

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