Friday, June 17, 2011

ugh, it's not breakfast time again, is it?!

i have such a picky little monster on my hands these days
ok, lets back up. i should say i'm very blessed that my daughter loves her fruit and veggies. veggies are normally the very first thing eaten off her plate. but lately trying to feed this girl has gotten close to impossible! 
breakfast is the worse. 
every morning starts with, how about a banana, how about toast, what about toast with peanut butter, would you like a yogurt, oatmeal, maybe you'd like some cheese?
it's gotten to the point i have to say these are your options if you don't pick something you're going to be hungry.

her current wants are:
cantaloupe, salad, bread with butter, cheese, crunchy tacos, carrots, apples, cherries
that list doesn't sound so bad, but i think even she's getting tired of it. 

the other night she asked me for a hotdog, but without the hotdog. just a bun with ketchup and mustard. 

i'm out of ideas, almost everything i offer to her, if it's not in that list gets a fast "no, thanks"

and since her bread with peanut butter wasn't what she wants i've got to go try and figure something else for her to eat because, "mama...i'm hungry"

i need some new ideas! 

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