Friday, June 17, 2011


one of my favorite places in contra costa county is the martinez waterfront.
i can remember many family trips when i was little to feed the duckies, walk around the pier, and have picnics.
even as a teenager my parents would take us out there, and then when grandbabies entered our family trips for them started.

i loved sharing that place with cadence

(mama daughter picnic date, 2009)

tristan even proposed to me at the waterfront!
he drove me to a "secret" place with my eyes closed and then lead me by the hand (still with my eyes closed) to a bench right in front of the water, got down in a squat cause it was to muddy to get down on one knee 
and proposed.

yesterday after realizing we had a box full of extra buns from the wedding we knew just the spot to take it :)

this is one spot i'm going to really miss now that we are living in oregon

it was nice having a mini farewell yesterday, picnic and all. 

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