Monday, June 6, 2011

photo challenge

the paper mama  is doing a little photo challenge
entering your favorite shot that you have taken of your child. wow. well, i have way too many favorite pictures of my littlest luff. but since i have to pick one....

she was so tuckered out from a long playdate/picnic
this was taken in 2009, looking at it really makes it sink in how fast my little baby is growing.
i miss her pudgy little fingers and cheeks. 

The Paper Mama

stroll on over to the paper mama to get yourself entered. (also check out her blog, it's super cute!)


  1. That is a precious picture if ever I have seen one. Don't the years just fly? I just looked at my 11 year old baby the other night after he fell asleep and I could not believe how fast the time had flown. In the blink of an eye. Your baby is darling : )