Tuesday, February 28, 2012

on the road again...


once a month i travel to california to take cadence to see her dad 
here's a few things i've learned over these trips

1. ziplock bags are always handy to keep in the car:
because paper bags do not hold throw up well. : x 

2. glow sticks are a kids best friend on night drives:
at least 80% of our trip home is in the dark and it can make cadence go batty, but having the glow sticks gives her just enough light to play but not enough to bother me.

3. i have discovered i have night blindness:
yep, it pretty much sucks! i have a hard time seeing anything when lights are coming towards me. i have to really focus and keep my eyes on the white line to my right.. it's so draining and nerve racking! if you throw rain or snow in the mix you can bet i'm gripping the wheel so tight my knuckles hurt.

4. movies:
yep, i'm one of those moms! especially on the trip home. it's emotional and i'm sure a bit stressful on cadence so i'm ok with letting her check out and just veg.

5. headphones make the movies even better :) :
while i'm ok with the vegging out on long car rides i don't like "hearing" movies over and over, so headphones are awesome and keep cadence's movies in the back seat with her.

6. remember to pack a wide variety of medicine:
upset tummies, leg cramps, car sick, headache...etc.

7. bathroom:
always have her at least try, even when she says "i dont have to" because 5 miles down the road she will have to, and have to right NOW!

8. books on tape:
enough said.

9. bring a wide variety of snacks:
that why we are not stuck buying a bunch of junk at truck stops (although a perk of being a trucker family we do tend to get some of those junk snacks for free)

10. i spy/animal & vegetable:
just play the games with her. it keeps her happy and you awake. even if she answers half the questions wrong.

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