Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wonky weather

i have the spring itch.
i'm so ready to get soil under my nails. and get a beautiful lush garden planted.
but the weather is not ready for that..
it keeps playing tricks on me,
 bright sunny days, to snow, to rain, to sunny, and all over again.
cadence helped get some of the weeds and old stocks pulled from the garden area, but planting outside will have to wait.

(old sunflower)

so to hold us over we decided to start planting a bit inside.

this is part of our townhouse garden :)

(cadence's valentines day gift)

(hello, awesome. tater pot!)

it's so exciting when things start sprouting!

also in the picture are my green onions.
i heard about this trick through pintertest, and it is amazing!
you can regrow green onions all year round and let me tell you these little buggers grow fast! 
 to regrow green onions simply submerge the white ends in a glass of water and place them in a sunny window. you'll need to watch the water level and about once a week i dump out the old water and add new. 

too bad we can't do this with all our veggies!

we'll see how gardening in oregon turns out. (hopefully better then CA)
and between my sister and i we are taking on a huge garden!

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