Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i have a kindergartner!

today was the big day

even after getting cadence in bed and asleep by 8:20pm it was still hard to get her rump out of bed this morning. that girl likes her sleep! at one point she even told me to go back to bed and come back in a few hours to wake her up. 
after pealing the blankets away from her and a few tickles i was able to get her up. 
she was not impressed that she had to go straight from bed to getting her hair brushed though, but thankfully we both survived. 

she really wanted her backpack and lunch box in the pictures, even though she wont start using them till next week when her onsite kindersmart class starts. 

we kept things light today, since it was the first day
i was however was surprised at how fast she picked up her math, and i know what you are thinking it's only the first day, but really she either knew more then i realized or she picked it up fast! we breezed through 3 lessons!

(we are using alpha omega horizons)

we are trying out the workbox system this year
it seemed to go over well this morning, but i'll have to give a better update further into the year.

i don't know about her, but i'm pretty darn excited to see what the school year holds for us! 

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