Monday, September 5, 2011

sweet earrings ya got there

i have a tendency to lose my earrings

after wearing them, just like my bobby pins, i'll set them where ever i am when they start bugging me. ie the computer desk, my night stand, the bathroom, in the front room, sometimes they wont even make it back into the house and will sit in the car till i rediscover them months later. 


after losing some super sweet pairs i decided i should make something to hang them on.
being that i have my ears gauged i can only wear one style of earrings with them and that would be the hook style. 


i'm not sure where i first saw the idea, but this is i ended up with

 while this picture frame wasn't truly what i had in mind i couldn't pass it up when i found it at a yard sale

technically my sister found it, she bought the other one for her kids to take school pictures with, showed me, told me her price($2), and sent me to go get it's pair.... mr. yard sale man tried to get over on me for a second trying to charge me $3, but he changed his tune when i kindly told him my sister bought the other one for only $2 after that he said he would throw it in with the dresser we bought cadence. 

i had been holding onto some old screen my parents replaced after their puppy decided to chew through the bottom :\ 
 so all we really had to buy was spray paint.

making it was rather easy, especially when tristan decided he should take over for me because apparently i was spray painting it wrong 

i think secretly he just likes being able to do everything! :)

now i just need to start restocking my ever shrinking collection.  


  1. one of my favorite fashion bloggers recently did a post on all of the cool/creative ways to store and showcase your jewelry and she had a picture frame up like this. i love it, and i think it turned out beautifully!

  2. ooo- do share this blog! i want to check it out! i love getting ideas! :)