Saturday, March 19, 2011

like it's boob milk???

this morning while making breakfast cadence asked me for some cheese. when i handed it to her she asked if it came from a cow....the rest of our conversation went like this...
me- yes
cadence- poor cow...poor poor cow.
me- well it's not made from it's body... it's made from the cow's milk
cadence- like it's boob milk????
me- um, yes.
cadence- poor mama and baby cow
me- well, do you still want it?
cadence- YEP! it's yummy!

hahaha. i love her!

i have a very happy vegan tummy over here tonight.
my luff muffin took me on a date to get cinnaholic

many thanks to my parents for making this date possible! (note: we picked them up rolls as well and cadence a cookie)

and since we were already in berkeley 
we decide to stop in at flacos to take part in their "rainy day" specials

$1 taquitos and $2 tacos.
hello yummy.

tristan liked the taco, but didn't really care for the taquitos
my luff is a meat eater, but i love that he'll try vegan foods for me

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