Tuesday, March 22, 2011

be still

in my post from last week i shared that at the start of this year i asked God to bring me into the fire and burn off every thing in my life that was not of Him.

it's funny, when you finally give in and realize your life is better placed in God's hands then in your own, amazing things can happen... when you finally allow Him to, God can step in with so much peace and joy.  

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my little family is being faced with some big changes right now, and some of those changes may not be exactly what we want, but we are faithful that God; the one who created us, the one who breathed life into us... knows what's best for us. we've surrendered... please God direct our path. 

as the year slips by us, as time tends to do
i've noticed the things His flames have burned off of me and the sweet way He's guided me through so softly with very little pain i can't help but be comforted in His grace and love for me and for my little family

when the storm calms and we land where the wind gently sets us, we'll be right where God wants us.


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