Monday, April 23, 2012

time for learning review....

did 30 days fly by already?! i've been sort of dragging my feet with writing the review. i feel as though i just did not have enough time to truly experience it all . 
when my sister mentioned to me that time for learning was doing this free trail in exchange for review i was super excited as i had heard from a few others that their children loved it and it helped them excel. 
the first day of our trail i was overwhelmed trying to navigate through this new to me program  but i did not let it get me down, as i still had those awesome reviews swirling around my brain. after getting the over all gist of the program i got cadence hooked up to it, picture if you will, an over excited mom with her eyes bugging out over the child's shoulders just waiting for her to love it..... 
after a few clicks and her logging herself in she was off, but it did not take long for her to get frustrated with it and shoot over to me the poor puppy dog eyes asking if she really had to do this. me thinking maybe she just didn't understand the directions i started to explain what she needed to do. then out came the *sigh* followed by "i know mama, it told me the directions at least 105 times, it wont just hush up and let me work!"

...blink blink...

i tried to reassure her to hang in there and maybe as time went on the program would explain the directions less and less. but as time went on the more upset she got with it all. the directions never eased up and the repetitiveness to them really set her up for a sore learning time. i started her out slowly, since her attitude to the program was already not good.... but by day 3 we had full blown feet dragging all the way to the computer chair. even with me allowing her to play in the playground area (playground area = games) 
i was a bit shocked at her true dislike for the program and a bit confused as i've never had this type of reaction to starfall. to be completely fair to time for learning we did started this trail right when i started working doing state testing at the charter school cadence is schooled through. so her reaction could have been a bit of mixed emotions... tired from being woke up so early every morning to go spent the day with grandma or auntie while i spent 9 hours sometimes more a day away from home. she's not use to getting little sleep and not having me home with her. so while cadence did not enjoy or show any improvements with the program i'd be willing to try it again to get a better experience with it.  we are wrapping up the state testing and starting may 3rd i'll once again be a full time stay at home mama and we'll give time for learning  another try, this time paying for a month. after that i'll make my full assessment and write another review. 


  1. So sorry that she couldn't get into it. Glad that you are giving it another trial! I really do think that it is worth trying again.

  2. did you notice your child getting frustrated with the repeating of the directions?