Friday, April 15, 2011

thank you

last night i shared a yearly tradition with tristan
we sat down together, tissue on hand, and watched the passion of the Christ

it was tristan's first time watching it, and even though it must have been my 7th i still cried my eyes out

oh, what He went through for us!

i think we both went to bed with hearts full of thanks and sorrow

this morning i woke up and knew i wanted to get out of the house for a hike and i knew just the place. i had never been there before but i had seen friends pictures and knew it was the perfect place.

at the start of the hike, i could see the spot we wanted to get to
but it seemed so far away, and let me just say i hate hills! 

we hiked 1.27miles up hill to get to this...

when we got to the top, it hit me... this little hike was nothing compared to what Jesus went through, it was nothing compared to the hill he hiked up beaten and carrying the cross He would die on.

it was so beautiful

before heading down the hill i spent some time in prayer, but the only words i could form in my head were

even as i sit here now my appreciation is so great i can't form words to express my gratitude, my words seem so tiny compared. 

how great is our GOD! 

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